The City We Need is a People's Platform for the October 20th 2018 Vancouver election. The starting point for these policies is the actual needs of Vancouverites. Many people in our city are struggling to pay for rent, tuition, transit, or day care. Wages and social assistance rates are far too low. Many are losing their homes or places of business to soaring rents and gentrification.  When we all unite around a strong platform, pushing all levels of government to come through with what we need, only then we can start to win the City We Need

The City We Need builds on COPE's platform and Jean Swanson’s policies from the 2017 by-election, and extends them to other policy areas, including public transit, child care, local businesses, and much more.  We want as many candidates as possible to support these policies. This is a people’s platform, not the typical campaign document. We want your input on this platform, and Jean Swanson, Anne Roberts, and Derrick O'Keefe and others will be participating in meetings around the city, at community centres, co-op common rooms, and around kitchen tables to get your feedback and advice on how to fight for the City WeNeed.